Baked Pork Ribs with Pineapple (Gradook Mou Op Sapparod)

Baked Pork Ribs with Pineapple or “Gradook Mou Op Sapparod” in Thai.  This Thai ribs recipe creates very tender ribs that are tangy-sticky good! They're easily made in your oven, so there's no messy parboiling involved - just stir together the marinade with the ribs and let them bake slow and long (the secret to tender ribs!).  which makes these ribs taste simply divine. Great for everyday eating, and also makes a terrific party food. Enjoy!

  • 500g pork ribs (cut into bite size)
  • 1 can pineapple or fresh pineapple  1 cup of any shift yeah it's enough I cut into small pieces the Author took a little Spring onion for decorate.
  • 1-2 spur Chili
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tsp sesame oil.
  • 1 tbsp Chinese  while rice wine*
  • 2 tbsp oyster sauce
  • 2 tbsp soy sauce
  • 3 tbsp vegetable oil.
  • 2 tbsp  tomato sauce
How to Cook:
  • Heat oil in a wok. Wait until hot then add pork spare ribs, fry until nearly cooke. 
  • Remove from heat and drain.
  • Heat water in a big pot over medium heat, wait until boiling then add fried pork spare ribs.
  • Add Pineapple and the rest ingredients, and turn down to low heat.  
  • Simmer for 30-40 minutes until the spare ribs are tender. 
  • Remove from heat.
  • Transfer to the serving plate. 
  • Garnish on top with spring onion. 
  • Serve immediately with hot steamed rice.
*Chinese Rice wine plays a major role in Chinese cuisine, possibly coming second only to soy sauce in importance. Made from fermented glutinous rice or millet, rice wine is used to tenderize meat and seafood in marinades, and to impart flavor to food. Rice wine even forms the basis of an herbal soup meant to help new mothers recover quickly after giving birth.  Chinese Rice Wine available at Chinese/Asian groceries.



Oh, holy yumminess!
It looks so delicious!
Tebonin said…
Oh my looks really amazing and juicy. Love it.
Tan.wiratchada said…
Hi MONONOKE, long time no see, thank you for visiting with lovely comment. Hope you doing great. Have a wonderful weekend! ;)

Hi Tebonin, thank you again for visiting, also lovely comment! Have a wonderful weekend also! ;)
Brett Sutcliffe said…
Sometimes I run out chinese wine so use white wine instead..sometimes even use beer. Taste different but good as well. :p
Wow this is really good ! I can eat 3 big bowls of rice with this
Jan said…
A plate of yummyness (if that's a word)!
Looks really delicious!
Tan.wiratchada said…
Hi Brett,
Thank you for stopping in with interesting comment. I also have tried baked chicken with beer, but not yet post, just's coming soon. And also thank you for linking to the good website also. Hope to see you again ;)

Hi Pearlyn,
Great to see you again. Thank you for your lovely comment anyway I like crispy pork also. But please take care, don't eat so much..that all fatttt up..hahahah...

Hi Jan,
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Melissa said…
I'm already starving. I want to have this for lunch. Let me checked the ingredients.
Diana said…
Sorry, do you simmer the ribs or bake them?
Tan.wiratchada said…
Hi Diana,
Thank you for stopping in. Sorry may be I made you confused about the recipe name...It's just a Thai style calling this recipe...But when we cook I first fry rib and simmer for tender...but for modern kitchen they like to bake on which way you like and comfortable. Make it your way and Enjoy! ;)
Tan.wiratchada said…
Hi Melissa, sorry for jumping by Diana..hahah...thank you for stopping in and hope that you enjoy cooking..don't forget you can bake or simmer. Cook it your way!
Enjoy your lunch.;)
Diana said…
Thank you for your explanation. Will try it one of these days.
Megan said…
I want to have this for lunch. Let me checked the ingredients. thanx for sharing.
Victoria said…
I would like to do something other than the traditional way with barbecue sauce so i decided to make this. thanks for sharing.
Diane said…
I made this last night and I have to say I will NEVER ever buy takeaway again,these were the best spareribs I have ever tasted.Thank you very much.
Lynn said…
Impressive idea.This is wonderful treat for weekends and I'm sure my family will love it.Thank your sharing your recipes, I will think in mind that tips you advice.
Kayla said…
The sauce is the bomb!! Truly amazing. I would have suggested baking them at a lower heat for longer or marinating a while before baking to help with tenderizing.
Katie said…
This would be perfect dish for our dinner tonight..Thanks for the share.. I am excited to try this one. YUM!
jean said…
This recipe is awesome! I used boneless pork ribs. Incredible flavor! I added to my yakisoba stirfry. Will try over rice next. Very easy to cook. Everyone love it!
Tan.wiratchada said…
Hi Diana,
I am always pleased if my explanation makes you understand better. And can do it yourself. Hope you enjoy cooking! ;D

Hi Megan,
Thank you for stopping in. Hope you have enjoyed the lunch.;D

Hi Victoria,
Thanks for stopping in. Yes, I make it always different. Depending on what I have in the fridge.;D

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Thank for stopping in. My pleasure. Happy that you enjoy your handmade..hihihi...;D

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Thanks for stopping in. Remember that every tips can change by the way you want. Or by your existing equipment. Or affordable. Enjoy! ;D

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Hi Jean,
Thanks for stopping in. You use boneless pork rib. It makes it easy to tenderize faster, but will lack the sweetness from the bone. (It is only our faith for cooking) Enjoy!

Best Regards to all,
Christy said…
Thank you for stopping in and hope that you enjoy cooking..don't forget you can bake or simmer, keep it up.
Jennifer said…
This Recipe Is Very Good, I Will Make Again. I Used Short Ribs (country). But Next Time I Believe I Will Use Baby Back Ribs, And I Will Use Half The Sauce Called For In the Recipe. Very Nice Taste. Thank You For A Good Recipe.
Brittany said…
This recipe is easy and delicious. A nice and quick way to incorporate fruit into a meal.