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Follow the Thai traditional appetizer "Mar Hor"

Thai Traditional appetizer menu "Mar Hor" The menu is hard to find today. It is not a street food. Or if you talk about, then a very few people will know this menu. Most will be seen by the merit festival. Or a meal in the ceremony. This menu is a sour fruit menu. Cut into pieces Eat with sweet, salty filling. The taste is intersecting perfectly. But know this menu is difficult to find. But how to do is very easy. Well...Let's go..

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Beef Massaman Hotel style มัสมั่นเนื้อสไตล์โรงแรม

Cannot believe I have not blogged for up to 2.6 years. A lot of work. But now I'm better off. I have enough time to do what I love. Let's get started again..
I think most of people know Massaman curry, It has been honored by CNN Television Network as one of the most delicious foods in the world. The original was made with beef. Nowadays, we can use any kind of meat as you like. Not easy to find by street food. Massaman curry it is considered as one of the Thai food that foreigners know more. This is known all over the world.  And  Today I will take you to see how we do our work.
At present or in the hotel industry in Thailand. High competition in the food. How to make food attach customer. I and the team, we make delicious food, at first saw. And the real taste is followed by the taste. So I just have improved with a simple method of mixing with carving. And it always impresses the guest. Let go..
INGREDIENT: 400 grams beef, cut into big cube pieces 1 cup coconut milk 2 potato…

Shrimps fried rice with roasted chili paste (Khao Phad Nam-Prik Paow Koong)

Nam prik paow is traditionally made by roasting the chilies, shallots, and garlic over coal in charcoal stoves. At home, the ingredients are best grilled over a charcoal fire, but they may also be oven roasted, or cooked in a heavy skillet. Use in Tom Yum soup or anywhere you'd like a kick of smoky, chili pepper heat.  And this is the one we used to sell in the hotel.  Today I picked this dish to share. Might be interesting for people who love food with a spicy sweetness...READY??

Thai style fruits salad with shrimps. (Som Tam Phonlamai Koong Sod)

Just one of many examples of som tam that has nothing to do with green papaya and almost everything to do with the method of preparation: made in a clay mortar, the salad requires the same gentle pounding that aims to bruise but not smash the main ingredients, allowing some of the sweet-tart dressing to pervade. Use any fruit you want, even if it’s just one or two kinds. Be sure to choose fruit that strikes a good balance between sweetness and tartness. If the fruit is very sweet, you’ll want to scale back on the sugar and perhaps bump up the lime juice.

Stir fried spicy flat rice noodles with shrimp (Sen Yai phad kee mow koong)

This is a lovely spicy dish that always fills my stomach without needing rice.  This combination with the fresh chilli gave me loads of energy.  Who like spicy Thai food should not miss this dish at all.

Kha-nom Jeen Nam Ya Par (Thai fresh rice noodles with Thai fish curry sauce)

Kha-nom Jeen Nam Ya Par or "Thai fresh rice noodles with Thai fish curry sauce" A dish most commonly known in the northeastern I-san region of Thailand, fresh rice noodles with Thai fish curry sauce style of food is traditionally served in large quantities for whole families. Variations can be seen in the way minced chicken is used instead of fish, or how some people prefer a vegetarian alternative with crunchy vegetables and alternative to fish sauce. A very versatile choice of food, Kanom Jeen Nam Ya Par is often served with a side dish of vegetables consisting of pickles sour mustard, bitter melon, water spinach(morning glory) and plenty of green beans and beansprout, which are mixed into the noodle and sauce to create a smooth yet crunchy combination of flavors.

Koong Kra-Beuang (Tiles shrimp)

Crispy Thai Shrimp Pancake or “Koong Ka-Beung “  The nature of this dish is crispy outside and soft inside.   Favorite menu of snacks, crispy skin enjoy for bites. The filling is also full of tender and crispy and you will like it.  These dish make a great lunch or snack with a little bowl of plum sauce.  Probably cannot find on the street.  But you might see in Thai Restaurant or the hotel restaurant etc.